How do I look up my order history?


Items previously ordered on the new Wildcat Booster Club website can be looked up once you are logged in. Go to the Account tab and select Previous Orders.  There you will find a list of all previous transactions. Transaction details can be accessed by clicking on the transaction number. 

What is the difference between P.E. and Athletics?


P.E. vs. Athletics



PE is a required class for all 6th Graders. It is optional after 6th grade. The only requirement is that a student has 2 semesters of either PE or ATHLETICS over 7th and 8th grade. PE Waivers are counted towards this credit.



Athletics is an option starting in 7th grade. Most students enroll in Athletics if they are planning to participate in a sport. You must be in Athletics to play a team sport (like football, basketball, volleyball). There is a special Athletics Uniform that you must purchase for your child if they are enrolled in Athletics.


Both P.E. and Athletics Uniforms are available for order on this site from May 1st until Mid July.  Afterward, they are available for purchase at Wildcat Warm-Up. During the school year, you may purchase from the front office.


 How do I know what size PE uniform to order?


To help figure out what size is best for your student, there are sample PE uniforms in varied sizes available in the WRMS front office.  While the PE Shirts run close to true to size, the PE shorts are known to run larger by a size.  


 Does WRMS offer school supply kits to order?


No, school supply kits are not offered since many teachers may have specific requests or requirements for their classes. However, there are lists of supplies generally needed for students during the school year. They can be found under the School Supplies tab. 


What is the difference between WRMS Wildcat Club and EEF?


The WRMS Wildcat (Booster) Club is the parent-teacher organization that raises money for the "stuff and activities" (like field trips, professional development, student organization competition fees, campus improvements, Medieval Fest, Celebration West Ridge, etc.) that West Ridge Middle School would like to provide for students and staff but District budget dollars might not stretch far enough to cover.


The Eanes Education Foundation (EEF) is an organization of parents that formed to help raise money for the Eanes School District to help pay for staffing needs only.  Since over 63% of our property tax dollars are taken by the State of Texas and reappropriated to other school districts throughout the state, this foundation helps to cover the budget shortfall for the cost of staffing needs (like nurses, counselors, fine arts teachers, Gifted/Talented teachers, etc).  


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