Missed the PE and Athletic Uniform Order Deadline?

If you missed the deadline to order PE and athletic uniforms, don’t worry! Here are some options:

  • Check with Neighbors: Reach out to see if any families have extra uniforms.
  • FB Marketplace: Search for WRMS uniforms being sold locally.
  • Alumni Hand-Me-Downs: Previous year uniforms are accepted by coaches.
  • Wildcat Warm-Up: A very limited inventory will be available for purchase, but please try the above methods first.







There has been an update to 6th Grade Pre-Athletics Uniforms for the 2024-25 school year. The Pre-Athletics students will now wear the same Athletics uniforms as the 7th & 8th grade Athletics classes.


1. Which Uniform do I need for my student next year?
For Physical Education (P.E.) class (6th/7th/8th grade): Unisex P.E. T-shirt and Unisex Mesh Green P.E. Shorts.
For Athletics (7th & 8th grades) or Pre-Athletics (6th grade): Unisex Athletics T-shirt and either Girls Athletic Shorts or Boys Athletic Shorts.


2. When are the new uniforms ready for pick up?
New uniforms will be available for pick up at Wildcat Warm Up before school starts. If you are unavailable to attend Wildcat Warm Up email wrmspresident@wildcatboosterclub.org for alternative pickup instructions. Wildcat Warm Up date is on August 12, 2024.


3. What size should I order for my student?
Size Charts are posted below.


4. What is the deadline to purchase uniforms?
The PE/Athletic Uniform store closed on FRIDAY, MAY 31


5. How many t-shirts and shorts should I order?
We recommend ordering more than one set to ensure your student has a clean uniform daily. Additionally, having extras can be beneficial in case uniforms are misplaced.


6. Are uniforms required?
Yes, uniforms for both P.E., Pre-Athletics, and Athletics are required and must be worn daily and are part of the grade.


7. Can my student wear their P.E. or Athletic Uniform from years prior or do I need to purchase a new set?
Uniforms from prior school years are acceptable to wear for the new year.


8. Will I be able to purchase extra sets during the school year?
After WildCat Warm Up on August 12, we will have very limited availability for purchase, and we cannot guarantee that your size would be available.



Athletics T-Shirt - Boys & Girls


Athletics Boys Shorts


Athletics Girls Shorts



PE T-Shirt  & Shorts Boys & Girls