Wildcat Club No Hassle W.I.L.D. Fund 


The Wildcat Club strives to work alongside with the West Ridge Middle School Staff in the development of our Wildcats into future leaders and assisting in providing the opportunities for WRMS Staff to continue their journey of leadership development.


Fundraising through the W.I.L.D. Fund Campaign means:

NO Fundraising events from the Wildcat Club like:

bake sales

car washes

candy sales

or other past fundraising activities that put pressure on parents and students



Help us reach our 100% participation goal by making a donation today!




What does the Wildcat Club do with your donation?

We work directly with the principal, staff, and parents to identify and address needs at West Ridge. We strive to use EVERY dollar of your donation effectively and responsibly to keep our school exemplary!  


CLICK HERE for a short video highlighting some of the things the W.I.L.D. Fund provides. 


2020-2021 Wildcat Club Budget

Expense Item Amount   Details & Information
Wildcat Club Campus Improvement Project  $        50,000   Improve the WRMS Courtyard/Atrium, purchase of a Wildcat Statue, shade structure
Staff Appreciation  $        24,600    
     $6,000 Staff Winter Gifts
     $4,500 Teacher Lunches/breakfasts
     $3,000 Teacher Appreciation Week
     $3,000 Coffee Service
     $2,500 Pie Day Expenses
     $1,000 Teacher Luncheon - End of Year
     $1,000 Back to School Night Dinners
     $1,000 Custodian Appreciation
     $   800 Teacher Incentives
     $   750 Teacher Birthdays
     $   400 Principal Appreciation
     $   350 Counselor Appreciation
     $   300 Administrative Appreciation
Staff Professional Development  $        20,000   Staff Continuing Education
Student/Campus Support  $        17,925    
     $6,000 UIL Registration Fees
     $4,000  Class Room Setup-Fall 
     $3,000  Year End Tailgate Party Expense 
     $1,000 Angel Fund
     $   750  Season of Giving Teacher Kickoff Luncheon 
     $   700 STAAR Incentive Program
     $   500  Grounds 
     $   500  Paws Prints/Student Rewards 
     $   500 DI Competition
     $   500 Future City
     $   250  8th Grade Career Day 
     $   150  Star Students 
     $     75 Yearbook
Wildcat Club Admin Expenses  $        11,590    
     $4,200  Credit Card Fees 
     $3,000  Tax Form Preparation 
     $1,500  Sales Tax 
     $   750  Website Maintenance 
     $   500  Wildcat Club Expenses - Other 
     $   440  Insurance 
     $   250  Booster Club Meeting Expense 
     $   250  Project Graduation Donation 
     $   200  Administrative Supplies 
Gifts to WRMS  $          9,700    
     $5,000 Crossing Guard
     $1,700 Library
     $1,000 Principal's Project Fund
     $1,000 Subscriptions & Dues
     $1,000 WEB Program Expenses
TOTAL BUDGETED 2020-21 EXPENSES  $133,815    





Make check payable to Wildcat Club:




ATTN: W.I.L.D. Fund

9201 Scenic Bluff Drive

Austin, TX 78733


Did you know that many Employers will match their employees contributions to charities?  


These annual programs by Corporations are at no cost to the employee and benefit West Ridge Middle School.


To check if your Employers will match your charitable contributions, please contact your local Human Resources Department.  


WRMS Wildcat Club is an approved charity with 



  • Get a copy of your matching gift form from your company’s HR department and drop it off with your gift at the Front Office at WRMS.
  • The WRMS Wildcat Club will verify your gift and return the matching gift form directly to your company's designated matching partner.
  • WRMS Wildcat Club then will receive a check or payment from your employer matching your gift.
  • Already given?  Most matching companies will honor gifts given within the current calendar year.  Simply send or bring your matching gift form to the WRMS Front Office, and we’ll take it from there!

Thank you for considering this simple and effective way to support WRMS Wildcats!