WRMS Booster Club Website Marketing Form Set Up Request

This form is for anyone who needs an event, volunteer, or store form set up on the Wildcat Booster Club website or promoted in newsletters or social media.


Sales Tax Exempt Form

(PLEASE use this form if you are purchasing items for WRMS and WRMS Booster Club benefit - since we are unable to reimburse State Sales Tax)


WRMS Wildcat Booster Club Reimbursement Form

(this is for individuals who have purchased items personally for the benefit of WRMS)


Angel Fund Financial Assistance Request Form

(this is for requests by WRMS families for assistance with WRMS event fees)


WRMS Funding Request Form (for Staff and Dept Heads use)

  • Submit the funding request form to Toy Saldana for Principal Carter's review.
  • If funds will be requested from the WRMS Booster Club, please allow one month for Booster Club to review before the desired funding date.
  • Booster Club may ask additional questions to review the funding requests.
  • Once the funding amount has been approved, the Booster Club Treasurer will provide the funding check to the applicable contact person. 


WRMS Booster Club Funding Request Tracking Form

(this is for tracking requests made by WRMS Staff/Departments heads for items/events, etc to be funded)